Cartoons for Illiteracy
Cartoons for Illiteracy
Cartoons for Illiteracy
Cartoons for Illiteracy
Cartoons for Illiteracy
The Challenges in the Community

In the Tikar region, accurate and culturally sensitive information about reproductive health is almost non-existent. Some of the most common challenges includes: Misinformation about contraception, effective use of condoms, basic hygiene, prevention, knowledge of condom use by men and women; lack of affordable, reliable contraception; death and injury from ingesting poisons in attempts to abort, and high rates of HIV/AIDS infection. In addition, there is an extreme vulnerability of individuals with disabilities, particularly women, to reproductive health problems and sexually transmitted diseases. Individuals also lack access to transportation to nearest cities with health care centers or clinics.

The HITIP Project

In order to provide effective, culturally appropriate reproductive health care services, HITIP is partnering with another community-based, locally managed organization, CLLCVS (Comité de Lutte contre le VIH/SIDA).  CLLCVS has been able to successfully reach the local population and address the most pressing reproductive health care needs in the community. HITIP and CLLCVS are collaborating on an innovative project called “Cartoons for Healthcare”.  The goal of this project is to create, publish, and distribute a “Cartoons for Healthcare” series by Cameroonian cartoonist Issa Nyaphaga aimed at illiterate and low-literacy populations.  These cartoons will communicate the perspective, experiences, and ideas of the diverse members of local communities including women, individuals with disabilities, youth, children, and elders.  These cartoons will use humor to address the taboo topic of sex and employ cartoons as a tool to begin and sustain community dialogue about reproductive health, disabilities and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Hope International for Tikar People (HITIP)

Hope International for Tikar People was founded in 2002 in direct response to the needs of community members with immediate and critical health care needs.
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